1 2015 Giovanni Oberti Onorarono

Onorarono, 2015
Vassoio in plastica e portavasi in ferro
Dimensioni variabili
Fotografia Floriana Giacinti

Onorarono, 2015
Plastic tray and iron vase holder
Variable dimensions
Photo Floriana Giacinti




Two objects and their relationship; the energy stays between them, is their relationship. The objects are static, still of themselves, their relationship fills the distance that separates them and it is at the same time the space that connects them.  The title of the work, Onorarono, puts us on the path of its interpretation, but not so much for what it says, and anyway it at least says that here strange and incongruous objects occupy the space reserved for art, as because it’s a palindrome and therefore it suggests that the two objects which create the work “read” themselves also in the two ways, from one to the other and vice versa, without priority of one of the directions, and actually that one doesn’t stay without the other and, together, they form a single whole. The first object is a tray hung at eye level. The second, at its feet, it’s a wrought-iron planter. Both, one will notice, are objects that are used to carry, actually, we would say, to show, to offer, or to use a more significant term in the aesthetic field, to present (instead of re-present). Both here are empty, but their function refer us to what they should carry: their emptiness refers to the emptiness between them, that in turn fills with the references we establish. Even in that emptiness, now that it is shown to us, “appears” something, even if invisible, transparent like an energy, the energy of the dialogue created between the two objects. All the more that even that emptiness of the two objects is in reality full of other, not of chocolates or of a plant, but of figures, of decorative patterns, of the plastic coating, of the flat of the tray, of the rust of the planter, that up to now we were not willing to consider solid parts, actual presences. The play of Oberti is subtle, from emptiness to fullness, from space to matter, from one to the other. as we were saying, through the energy that goes between them.

Elio Grazioli, 2015